Welcome to Nonna’s Frames

Welcome to Nonna’s Frames!!

I’m so glad you came to shop.  Once you see these adorable frames, you’ll see why.

Let me explain what you’ll find here.  First, each frame design contains a complete collection of different size frames.  Each collection has a 5×7, 4×6 and wallet frames all in the same colors.  The great thing about these frames is that they can be used horizontal or vertical.  You can use them singularly, or you can clip more and more frames together to include the entire family.

This is called the ‘Olivia’ collection.  All the frames are made with beautiful colors. Brilliant shiny gold, a matt gold and an off-white. The look great with any picture in them




This is the ‘Anthony’ collection.  As you can see, they are red, white and blue.  I am sure that with the limited amount of space that our service men and women have, these frames would be the perfect thing for them.  These frames are not only lightweight, but they are very thin.  Here I attached a second frame, and see how great they look.  You can add more frames, or just one.  Any way you display them, your pictures will look amazing!!



I call this one the ‘Bethany’ collection.  I’m sure by now that you are starting to see the pattern.  All the collections are named after my children and grandchildren.  This one I especially love because of the lace look of the frame.  The colors give it an aged look that is absolutely perfect.



These are the perfect frame to hang in a cubicle at work.  They hang flat on the wall and will not be in the way of stacks of paper and computers on a desk.


Order a bunch of them.  They are great stocking-stuffers.  Your wedding party would love to have a picture to hang up at work to remember the day.

The wallet size frames would be great to decorate your Christmas tree with the family throughout the years.

And don’t forget Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles!!!   Everyone has a place for Nonna’s Frames.

Order magnets for the back so they can be put on the refrigerator, in a locker or any other place that you need magnets to hang a picture.   Don’t forget the clips to attach the frames together.

Every office cubicle worker would love these.  The pictures stay out of the way and they look great on the wall.  You never have to worry about the picture getting knocked over and pushed out of the way.  You also don’t have to worry about the edges being curled up and lots of pins to hold them in place.


Teachers, you can have the best looking bulletin board in the school.  Highlight your stars each month with these frames.  Get one for each student and display them in your classroom, then send them home as a gift to each parent.  You’ll be the star!!!

What a welcome site to open your locker and the first thing you see is pictures of your loved ones.  This is a great place to display pictures of your family, friends, pets or favorite vacations.



If you know anyone who drives for a living, they would love to have their photos along for the ride.  Add some magnets to the back and have your family and friends travel with you.  It is always comforting to see your loved ones wherever you go.  And, don’t forget your pets!!

Don’t forget to send these frames to anyone in the military.  They have a limited amount of space for their personal belongings and these would be perfect!!!

If you need a little gift for someone, this is it!!   Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles would really appreciate a small frame that they can instantly put on the refrigerator.  They don’t have to find a new spot for them, they just put the magnets on the back and the beautiful photos are ready to go.